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“I was ready to have her join me,” says Luis.  “I was just waiting for the day to come.  Now I can let go a little.” He admits that he was initially disappointed that Jessica decided not to attend law school. “I know how hard the restaurant business can be,” says Luis.  “But as time went on, I realized that hospitality is where her heart is.” Father and daughter say working with each other has been “fantastic”.  “Our personalities and abilities really compliment each other,” says Jessica, who runs the restaurant’s day-to-day operations. She says there are “little mishaps here and there” but that she and her dad communicate well and are able to talk things out.“I try to let her take charge.  I love to see her develop her own ways.  I’m proud,” says Luis.

So, how will Luis celebrate Father’s Day?  Jessica says the family plans to surprise him with a weeklong (and much-needed) vacation in Captiva Beach.“We chose Florida so that I can go back and forth to the restaurant when I need to, so he can relax” she adds.

Café Avanti serves lunch Monday through Friday, 11:30 am – 2:30 pm; and dinner nightly from 5 pm.  For reservations, call (305) 538-4400 or visit www.cafeavanti.com

Debra K. Leibowitz